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⚡️ Stronger Faster ⚡️ Now Liveeeeee

Updated: Nov 17, 2023



Stronger Faster is a mindful at home fitness subscription program designed to


  • enhance your mind body connection

  • build full body strength

  • strengthen cardiovascular capacity


It's perfect for the beginner, intermediate or advanced athlete and includes progressive and scaled exercises.


Stronger Faster includes:

  • A 20 page Fitness Guide (Sue's approach to training)

  • Weekly Video Coaching from Sue

  • Mindful Strength Training drills

  • 3 full body strength workouts/week with video tutorials

  • 2 cardio conditioning days/week with video tutorials

  • 1 optional glute + core day/week with video tutorials

  • 1 Mobility Workout


The workouts can be done at home via my app. You'll need a chair/bench, yoga mat, long bands, mini bands, sliders, towel and dumbbells.


Each cycle focuses on a mindful healthy habit, which we cultivate and grow throughout the program to strengthen the skill of mindfulness.

Only $39/month! Click the link below to sign up ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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