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How to train mindfully 🧠🧠

It's kind of a secret, but I didn't really dedicate myself to my training this summer. I guess now it's not really a secret anymore (hehe) I was (kinda) INJURED, I didn't have TIME and I wanted to ENJOY MY SUMMER. Did I workout? Yes, a little. Did I force myself to workout? Almost never. People think because I'm a personal trainer that I'm always working out. But I actually workout LESS than I ever did in my entire life. But here's the catch: when I DO workout, I (almost always) make my workouts MINDFUL. Meaning, they are effective, intentional, focused and fun ... all while listening closely to what my body is telling me. EFFECTIVE. Perform exercises in a routine that will have the MOST impact towards your goals and then do them properly and consistently for time. If you don't know the best routine for your goals, that's when a trainer is helpful. INTENTIONAL. For each exercise, first try them. Breathe. Visualize the target muscles or joints as you move and flow through the exercise. Ask yourself questions like "where am I feeling this exercise? Can I feel it more or deeper if I move more slowly or differently?" If you don't know where you should be feeling an exercise, that's what a trainer can do. FOCUS. During the workout, focus intently on your body and your muscles and joints moving. Try not to let your mind wander or slip into other thoughts (like what you're going to eat later). If you struggle with distractions, hiring a trainer can help keep the focus on the workout. FUN. Have fun and play during exercise! Move a NEW way each day and play with what feels the best for YOUR body, joints and muscles. Developing your MIND to BODY connection through mindful workouts is a PRACTICE and SKILL you improve over time.
A trainer can help inspire you to strengthen your mind/body connection, but YOU are the only one that has the POWER to foster that connection.
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