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30 minute | Lower Body Workout | Dumbbell Only 🍑

All you'll need is 30 minutes, a couple sets of dumbbells and a mini band to feel stronger, more powerful through the legs and glutes. 🍑🍑

Check out the training video to follow along or do the workout whenever you want using the instructions below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

***What is RPE?

The RPE scale is used to measure the intensity of your exercise.

The RPE scale runs from 0 – 10. The numbers relate to phrases used to rate how easy or difficult you find an exercise. For example, 0 (nothing at all) would be how you feel when sitting in a chair; 10 (very, very heavy) is how you feel at the end of an exercise stress test or after a very difficult activity.

It should take a lot of focus/energy to complete each set and the sets should be challenging, ESPECIALLY on the last set of each set or superset.

How do I know which weight to choose?

● Go based off the RPE described above.

● If you complete a set and feel as though you could do 4 or more reps increase the weight (or tempo) on the next set.

● If you complete a set and fail the movement before completing recommended reps then decrease your weight on the next set.

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